In a field of roses Sticker: just a girl who loves opossums, she was an opossum sticker, funny opossum sticker, she was a wildflower sticker



Called "in a field of roses", this art was inspired by some basic b!tch design I saw on Facebook. I knew it was ripe for some parody, so I went for it.

I think this art will be great for everyone who loves absurdism and irony. I'm looking at you, older millennials with a meme problem.

I created this piece using Photoshop, which is unusual for me. Then I used Affinity Designer to add the text and do final, small adjustments. I always use Affinity Designer to prep my sale pictures, too.

Our decals are laser printed on the highest quality waterproof vinyl material that we can find. They're known to hold up to anything you can throw at them: from daily use on a laptop or phone case, to weathering the great outdoors on the back of your car. Our decals are better than our competitors - because we don't just buy them on Sticker Mule and resell them to you! Everything is homemade in our basement shop.

- WATERPROOF STICKER. Take these babies swimming because all stickers that we produce are waterproof.
- WARRANTIED. How many sticker producers offer you a 3-month warranty? We do! If your sticker is rubbing down, let us know – we’ll be happy to replace it.
- VINYL STICKER. We believe vinyl is one of the most durable materials out there, which is why we use vinyl – not polyester – to produce our stickers.Our stickers aren’t invincible, but they’re close.
- STRONG TACK. Our stickers are a little hard to peel, but that’s because their tack is STRONG – just the way you like it.
- HANDMADE. We don't buy from StickerMule and resell it to you. Everything is homemade in our basement shop!
- UNIQUE. All of our art is produced in house, meaning that you get unique designs found nowhere else. Let your individuality shine!

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2" Weatherproof, 3" Weatherproof, 5" Weatherproof


label paper, sticker paper


2-Pack, 4-Pack, 6-Pack, Single


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