Funny Vampire Bird, Blue Jay, "Vampbirb" Weatherproof Sticker / Decal

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This blue jay comes with an unusually sharp set of teeth and some hunger pangs for fresh blood. Proceed at your own risk with this "vampbirb" - great for halloween or any time.

Our stickers are handmade, 3" on the longest side, and weatherproof.

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2" Weatherproof, 3" Weatherproof, 5" Weatherproof


sticker paper


2-Pack, 4-Pack, 6-Pack, Single

1 review for Funny Vampire Bird, Blue Jay, "Vampbirb" Weatherproof Sticker / Decal

  1. Leyla Peachy

    They really can be jarring birds, so I laughed so hard when I saw this sticker. All the other urban creatures in my backyard scurry and jump and hide every-time the scrub jays screeetch as an announcement to their boisterous arrival. They can be suck Dbags sometimes. lol

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