Cute Snail Sticker. Dungeons & Dragons Sticker, Funny Paladin Dungeons and Dragons Snail Costume Sticker. Snail Warrior Sticker.

This snail has classed themselves as a paladin (or a warrior monk) and is ready for all of your adventuring needs! Part of my Dungeons + Critters series, this snail paladin (snailadin?) is an adorable addition to your DnD notebook, dice bag, or other nerdy surfaces.

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Gather Your Party Sticker: Dungeons and Dragons Sticker, Funny DnD Sticker, Gather Your Party Sticker, DnD Party Sticker

You're on a campaign and you need help. Who are you going to call? This bad-ass gang of warriors for sure! We've got the bearded dragon wizard, the bear barbarian, the pug rogue, and the "Snailadin" - a snail paladin. What's not to love?

These characters are available as single items in this sticker pack:

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