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It's trash can, not trash can not!

If there's one thing that millennials love, it's inspiring, absurdist art about opossums. It's called trash CAN, not trash can not!

why opossums?

Opossums are the goofy, lovable trash cats that we've never been able to own, but have always wanted to. They defy all odds by successfully being both trash AND cat at the same time!


If we're being technical about things, it's called garbage can, not garbage cannot. Great things come to those who try, so why not grab a possum with flowers, laugh a little, and relieve some stress? These funny, cute designs will help you get out of your gloomy outlook on life. Being trash doesn't mean your trashy - it just means you're like opossums!

trash can't: classic design

We've been drawing and illustrating this concept since 2019. We started out with a possum with flowers, surrounded by the phrase. This is, by and far, our best selling sticker. We also have a looser fit t shirt with the phrase and art available exclusively on Etsy. For more information or to buy, check out the link below.

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frequently asked questions

what are opossums, anyway?

The opossum is the only North American marsupial. Marsupials are different than most mammals because they give birth to their young in an embryonic or fetal stage, then carry them in a pouch on the mother's abdomen until they are ready to live independently.

The opossum has a long snout and pointed ears with hairless tails about 12 inches (30 cm) long. It is mainly nocturnal and omnivorous, eating mostly insects, fruits, vegetables, nuts and carrion left by other animals. It can survive cold weather quite easily while having a relatively low metabolic rate for maintaining its body temperature. Find out more information about opossums here.

do opossums like flowers?

Opossums are not averse to flowers. Opossums might be attracted to both the color and scent of flowers. For opossums, it would make sense that they would like the smell of something sweet because they themselves have a very strong odor. Some people who live near opossum habitat say that their gardens are always ravaged by these animals no matter how many fences or other barriers there may be in place. Opossums might be called trash, but they're my funny treasure. A possum with flowers is lovely in every size and shape.

are opossums dangerous?

There is a misconception that opossums are dangerous or scary animals. In reality, you just need more information. They are shy and harmless creatures who don't pose any threat to humans whatsoever. Even though they have sharp teeth and claws, they're slow and funny, not aggressive. A common myth about this creature is that it will play dead when threatened! They actually do what we call "playing possum" which means fainting as a defense mechanism in order to avoid being eaten by predators such as mountain lions, coyotes, bobcats, foxes and dogs.

The only real danger that opossums pose to humans is if you have chickens. Opossums might steal the eggs or try to take young or unprotected birds. But mostly, they live on ticks, insects, and can often be found sharing cat food with local feral cats. In conclusion, people should stop fearing opossums because they pose no danger whatsoever!
Raccoons are another popular creature doing great things. It's called trash can, not trash can't is also a motivational phrase held up by little raccoons and trash pandas on jewelry, stickers, clothing, tags, and shirts. Raccoons are so popular with millennials that they're actually called trash pandas and featured on books and other items. Their cute little bandit faces are to die for.


Unsure? Check out these great reviews!

Keeley thien

December 3, 2021
"Absolutely adorable!!! I love this sticker so much and I can't wait to place it somewhere special!!! Thank you!!♥️"

Jennifer Morgan

September 9, 2021
"This sticker is absolutely adorable!! I love it! and shipping was very fast!! Thank You for the extra sticker! 🐝🖤. Will definitely buy from again!!"


June 21, 2021
"I love it so much!"

Trash Gang

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