ACAB Stickers

What is ACAB?

If you're in any progressive circles, you may have heard people saying various forms of this phrase. ACAB, 1312, All Cops Are Bastards, the more subtle "All Cats Are Beautiful" - you get the idea. ACAB is a testament to modern over policing of the American community, and specifically, Black, Brown, and other BIPOC communities in the United States.
In honor of the hard work of activists everywhere, we've rounded up some of the best ACAB Stickers that we can find. Put them on your phone cases, shop for your friends, enjoy free shipping, and most importantly: tell the cops to go straight to hell.
The country is broken, and "ACAB" is one of many ways to fix it and find peace. ACAB says that the entire industry of policing is broken in this country. These products are a perfect way to stand beside the men, women, and people on the front lines of protest and the search for police reform.

up first: All Cats Are Beautiful

This product is an oldie, but goodie. Created in 2020, it mixes and matches a few different philosophies: a love for cats, an appreication for transgender people, and a strong distaste for police brutality. The design is simple enough that Grandma might not notice that you're railing against the state with these ACAB stickers.

Features: affordable price, free domestic shipping, affordable international shipping


do you know what 1312 means?

1312 is just a numeric substitute for ACAB. A = 1, B = 2, and C = 3. It's an easier shorthand sometimes, and adds to the mystique of the phrase. Sometimes, we're just trying to fly under the radar.

Feeling lucky? Try the ACAB Wheel of Fortune!

This design is a bit more obvious, but hey, at least it's clever. You won't be able to explain this one away, so, you know - be careful if you put it on your car. It would make a perfect decal for phone cases. Stand up for human rights while also being funny.
from $3.99

Let's just burn it all down

If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, this one is for you. This design features a cat dressed in a black hoodie and mask with what appears to be a Molotov cocktail and the text, "All Cops Are Bastards." You can't really get more obvious than that. The price is just right on this item, too, coming in two sizes and a few different packs.
from $3.99

Why are cats associated with ACAB?

Cats are very pro- human rights. They're also very pro-consent. In other words, cats stand for everything that cops do not. Add in that they both start with the letter C and you have a golden nugget, ripe for artist interpretation. ACAB stickers are very often cat themed - just check the Google search results if you don't believe me!

ACAB Stickers

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