Capybara stickers for everyone

Did you know that capybaras are really just giant rats? Here at Nonbeenary Designs, I absolutely love the challenge of drawing these oversized rodents from South America. Check out my collection of awesome capybara-themed stickers, and show your love for these furry critters everywhere you go!

Whether it's wet season or you own a series of cattle ranches, my customers come from all over the world to purchase my capybara swag. Don't believe me? Too bad! Plus, at least 85% of my customers are humans! I think. I hope. I don't really know: look at their toes.

All the capybara questions

I know you're probably just here because you have capybaras questions. I've got capybara answers.

What do capybaras eat?

Capybaras eat mostly grasses, aquatic plants, and fruit. They also eat their own feces to get important vitamins. They're like little barf-o-matics!

Are capybaras rodents?

Capybaras are indeed rodents. They belong to the Hydrochoeridae family, which belongs to the Caviomorpha suborder. In other words, they're one of a kind!

Do capybaras make good pets?

Yes and no: while capybaras are very lovable and easy to care for, some countries have made it illegal because humans cannot control themselves. The survival of the species is more important than the love of millennials.

Do capybaras live on land?

Yes and no. Capybaras live on land but spend a lot of time in the water.

How do capybaras adapt to the dry season and wet season?

I don't know. What am I, a biologist? Oh right. I am. Capybaras adapt to the dry and wet seasons by foraging for food during the dry season, storing food when available during the wet season, and reducing their activity levels in order to conserve energy. They will also seek out a source of water or shelter against the elements.

Why do capybaras eat their own poop?

Wouldn't you, if you could? They eat their poop to get bonus vitamins.

Why are capybaras an important part of the food chain?

Capybaras can be prey to several large predators which keeps them fed and happy. We don't spend a lot of time thinking about dead capybaras though.

What challenges do capybaras face?

the usual. Predation, invasion, climate change are all factors that will influence capybaras' success in South America in the future.

About Our Stickers

All of our stickers are warrantied and handmade in our basement shop. You get three months warranty plus free one-time replacement if your sticker fades or gets damaged. Our products are backed by a great warranty, so if you have a problem, just reach out!

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