Opossum Stickers, Pins, Magnets, and Prints For Everyone

That's right, it's time to browse my favorite collection on the internet: opossum stickers. Nonbeenary Designs (that's me!) has been a collector and creator of opossum stickers since before they were cool. Now, I'm proud to bring you a selection of unique, high-quality opossum stickers and pins. From classic designs to limited editions, there's something for everyone. Plus, prints and magnets are also available! So let's take a look at this great collection and find a perfect way to show off your opossum love. Enjoy!

Why opossum stickers?

Don't you hear the music of the night? That's the sound of opossums and trash pandas getting into your trash. No matter how many good choices you make, the opossums will ALWAYS fine the cookies. And that's why I love them so much. They're derpy, they're mostly harmless, and bonus: they eat ticks.

Ok but your business is built around opossums ..?

Yes, dear browser. My community LOVES my opossum sticker business. People from all fifty states and even other countries provide me with cash (pocket change, really) in exchange for some trash cat stickers. They use their opossum stickers to decorate water bottles, laptops, and even trash cans.


Yes. We do ship. You'll receive your sticker, pin, or magnet (or print!) about two weeks after ordering. I usually process orders on Wednesdays and on Sundays. If you need to use your swag sooner, please just let me know. I'm happy to expedite shipping for an added fee.

You do NOT need an account here, because that's too much responsibility. You check out with Stripe, and then I ship via letter mail. Easy peasy!

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