One Time Replacement Order (Extended Warranty Only)

Welcome! This page is only valid for orders directly through and extended warranty customers from other platforms (e.g., Etsy).

If you're still within your warranty period (100 days after delivery), you may sign up for the extended warranty here.

If you're outside of your warranty period and did not register for the extended warranty, you can email me for a one-time replacement coupon.

Please complete both steps below to receive your replacement items.

Shipments outside of the US incur an additional $20 shipping fee. My apologies.


Please use the form below and hit Submit to submit your request for replacements.

    This form uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your data is processed.

    STEP 2: Pay Your Replacement Shipping Fee

    If this is a warranty request (100 day, standard, or 200 day, extended) you do not need to complete step 2. To get started, click the logo (bee) below and then hit the shopping cart button in the lower left.

    Important: If you're replacing less than five items, you only need to purchase one shipping fee per product type. If you're requesting replacement for more than five items, please contact me for a custom shipping fee estimate.

    Example: Aiden wants one pin replaced. They pay just one pin shipping fee.

    Example: Anna wants 4 stickers replaced. She pays just one sticker shipping fee.

    Example: Andy wants 2 stickers and 2 magnets replaced. He pays one sticker and one magnet shipping fee.

    Example: Louis wants 6 stickers replaced. Louis emails me first.

    Example: Jax wants 3 stickers and 5 magnets replaced. Jax emails me first.

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