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We get it: you're busy. You're not here for our life story. That's fine! Here's the deal: we get your email, you get a coupon for this site, which means you can get a free sticker. Easy-peasy! Get your coupon code for a free sticker by subscribing below!

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Why Are You Giving Away A Free Sticker?

We want to share the joy of stickers with you! We're doing this campaign because we love that stickers can be used to brighten up an otherwise bleak day. Weirdly enough - that's also why we make stickers. Also, if we're being completely honest:

  • The "we" is me and my nine cats
  • I always give away a small sticker with every order anyway
  • I am, of course, hoping that you'll buy something else as well. But it's not required.

What Strings Are Attached To This Free Sticker?

Look, it's pretty obvious. You give me your email, and you get a sticker. You can absolutely give me a fake email. But then you won't be able to get emails about your order updates. Also, it will make me sad.

Also, you can hit unsubscribe any time you'd like. But I'm WAY TOO LAZY to email you every week or every day like some of these mega companies. I really just want to share new designs every once in a while. You'll get roughly two emails a month. Is that so bad?

Are You Sending The Same Free Sticker To Everyone?

No. No, I am not. The coupon is for a flat $2.50 and you can use it for whatever you wish. That is the cost of a 3-inch weatherproof sticker. You could also use it for a car decal, pin, magnet, or a clearance design. Whatever floats your boat.

The coupon will NOT be valid in other places, like Etsy, Redbubble, TeePublic, etc. Sorry. Also, shop here anyway - you'll get more for your money and so will I.

So, You're Saying I Can Get A Free Pin?

Yes. What's so hard to understand? You're just getting a coupon. You can apply it however you'd like. My shop is not that complex. Getting personalized coupons was like rocket science to me. And I'm a literal scientist.

Won't This Cost You Money?

It's a gamble for me. If everyone who comes to this page ONLY gets a free sticker, never shops with me again, and unsubscribes from the emails, then I'm out a couple bucks per customer. Eventually, I'll go bankrupt and stop producing art. I'll live alone in my mother's basement with my nine cats, slowly going insane.

But, I have a feeling that you want a free sticker because free things make you feel good, and also, you like my art. Maybe money's a bit tight for silly purchases right now. So, I'm going to do you a solid and send you a free sticker. And who knows? Maybe you'll shop with me again someday.

Tell Me About The Cats.

I started off with one cat, Ninja, who's featured on my "Strong of Will, Dumb of Ass" design. He was born in 2010 sometime. I'm not sure, he was a street cat. I kidnapped him off the mean streets of Fairborn, OH in late 2010 as a spry teenage kitten with a kinked tail. He has been making me pay for that mistake ever since.

I got him a sibling, Monster, now known as Miss Kitty, in 2011. She's a no-tailed tortoiseshell kitty, who is featured in the "I Choose Violence" design because she is a spicy, spicy girl sometimes. Side note - manx cats can have a lot of pooping problems because they have bad nerves in their back end, so don't run out to adopt one unless you've got the $$ to care for a special cat.

Then came Maya. I call her a bowling ball and she's 18.5 lbs of pure orange and white glory. I feel bad that I haven't put her on a sticker yet, but such is life. We moved to California for a few months right after we got Maya.

It all kind of went downhill from there. We started getting a reputation as the cat people. We doubled our cats in one go by rescuing four, four week old kittens and only managing to give one to a friend before falling in love. The escapee lives a happy life in Sacramento, and the remaining three - Faye, Eris, and Monty - have grown fat and lazy with us.

Cats 7-9 came to us in North Carolina. Seven is our little black deaf kitty who was also, literally, #7. Benny was a foster fail from a rescue in Brother Wolf when I thought I could handle saying goodbye to a temporary cat. And Ramses is an old feral neighborhood cat who we ended up dragging inside, against his will, because he had a flea allergy and it was making him lose his hair.

The cherry on top was Cyrus, who is a recent arrival, devil child, and also very dumb. Cyrus was found standing on a busy street in a rainstorm as a kitten. Turns out, he loves water. But also busy streets.

Since writing this original bio of my cats, Ramses, Maya, and Cyrus have passed away. You can read more about Ramses and Maya's end-of-life (and help me honor their memory) over on my other website.

We've also added two additional cats, Mama (a foster fail) and Odin (an injured street cat). We are still learning about their personalities.

We also have two dogs, and have lost two over the years.

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