Customs & Commissions

Like my art? Want some of it for your very own? You're in the right place!

I have a few different options for commissions, which you'll find below.

Small orders, no resale rights

Small orders with a design that cannot be resold (by me) are subject to a minimum $10/hr design fee. You'll pay retail price for your products afterwards.

EXAMPLE: This would apply if you wanted me to make a highly specific sticker (e.g., of your dog with his name) and I wouldn't be able to recoup my time/effort by listing the design for sale elsewhere.

Small orders, resale rights

The design is generic enough where I think I can resell it on my website or bulk system. Design fees are waived, and you'll pay retail price for your products when you order.

EXAMPLE: You have a great pun idea that you want a sticker of. I'll design it for free and then list it for sale!

Large orders

Orders over $100 can take advantage of a bulk discount through my wholesale marketplace. Your order must be $100 at bulk price (50% of retail). For 3 inch stickers, that would be around 66 stickers. Like with, you'll be able to mix and match products.

I retain resale rights unless otherwise specified in our work together.

How to get started

Not scared away by small print? Cool! Just shoot me an email - and I'll get back to you ASAP.

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