September 26, 2023

Mothman Was My First Kiss

People who love mothman? They're weird. They know it. I know it. I am one. You get the idea. We all understand each other, and that's what makes it all so special. I know, deep down, that no matter the situation, I can always come to fellow mothman aficionados to feel like I'm understood.

So anyway, I make a lot of mothman decals. Like, a lot. Well, not the most ever. But I've made a few. I'ma be quiet now.

Live Laugh Lurk

Much better than the OG saying, if you ask me.

Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls

Everyone needs to feel adored.

Mothman Was My First

Don't worry about which base he got to.

Mothman Spotter Society

You, too, can be part of our secret society.

I Put The Cry In Cryptid

Ok, so mothman gets a little emo every once in a while. Don't we all?

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