July 5, 2023

Design of the Month Winners (June 2023)

Ok, kiddos, we've got two winners for the Design of the Month contest! You can pick up your discounted winners this month right at the gallery below!

Tabby In The Window

The tabby in the window was just a random idea that I threw together while working on some other stuff. I have a whole little series of black cats in the window (in moonlight) and I wondered what it might look like to have the same subject, but switch scenes up a little bit. I think it's a super pretty, kind of serious artwork. Unlike me, but still pretty fun.

Bicycling Bigfoot

Yeah, this dude is more my style. I loved his little expression and I think there's a whole story in there about this bigfoot taking his first step (pedal?) on a big adventure.


Discounts on these designs are active until the following month, unless I forget to deactivate them. You can only access them through this super secret blog post. Buy away! Unfortunately, I can't do discounts on print-on-demand (t-shirts, socks) items as I don't determine their prices, and I already have them as affordable as I can make them.

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