March 6, 2023

I Tried To Publish A Book!

I know it's weird to be like "hey guys I published a book" but, uh, I did finally manage to publish a book of my art! You'll find my full story down below, but here's the excerpt if you just want to smash that buy button instead. To quote myself...

(It's the book excerpt)

The (Don't) Wreck This (Opossum) Book is a printed art book like no other. It takes the traditional coffee table book and transforms it into a fun, creative, opossum experience. The book contains sets of themed pages and quotes that are perfect for sharing as gifts to friends and family. Whether or not you tear up this coffee table book is up to you, but we sure hope you'll find it useful.

The (Don't) Wreck This (Opossum) Book is an innovative and unique printed art book by author, scientist, and artist, Sam Davis. Sam has been creating weird art since 2019, just before that awful time that no one speaks of. Sam loves creating weird art, but wanted to find new ways to share it. And so, "(Don't) Wreck This Opossum Book" was born! Compiled from years of artwork, the art is chaotically fun and enjoyable to adults everywhere.

@nonbeenarydesigns ummm I wrote a book. my dog has cancer. please buy book. so I can remove cancer. --- #fyp #xyzabc #cancersucks #dogsoftiktok #hound #ladybug #booktok #book #author #artist #digitalart #prints #hounddog #dogtok #etsyseller ♬ original sound - Sam Davis (Nonbeenary Designs)

The Original Idea Was Different

So originally I had this idea to make a tearable, shareable art book for opossums. See, my cover mockup below.

The problem was that Amazon wouldn't actually approve my book for printing when it was titled "wreck" this book, because apparently they won't let you print calendars and shit. So even though it WAS NOT a calendar, the Amazon gods of doom refused.

Keep in mind, I had already written the book. I had played this concept out from beginning to end with quotes and art and opossums for every occasion. And then Amazon was like "nah bro good try tho"

After brainstorming with the husband for a hot minute, I settled on a solution. I added a little caret to the design and "Don't" to the front of the title and literally kept everything else the same. It, of course, passed the Amazon robot test.

What's inside "Don't Wreck This Opossum Book"?

Art. Like, a lot of art. I have 63 unique opossum images for you, ranging from weird art mutilations to my best selling stickers. They are all full page designs on colored backgrounds. On opposing pages, there are fun, related quotes.

The book is a paperback because one of my stylistic elements is that I mostly design in square. You can't make a square hardcover on Amazon KDP, so it's paperback.

Anyway, here's some of the art available. It's a mix of AI (Midjourney) and my own hand drawn stuff, as is ALL of my art here at Nonbeenary Designs.

The book is organized by theme. Themes include:

  • Anniversaries
  • Birthdays
  • Christmas
  • Cowboys
  • Farewells
  • Fine Art
  • Friendship
  • Get Well Soon
  • Graduation
  • Motivational
  • Pride
  • Trash

Again, that's because I actually made this book to be destroyed. But if you don't want to tear out pages, you can always just, uh, take a picture of them instead?

How to buy this opossum book

The book is a bit pricy because you're forking over money for the premium printing. You know, only the best opossums for you.

Purchase the book on Amazon, I receive approximately $2.50 of the purchase price.

If you're too cheap to buy the book - booooooooo! But that's ok. MOST of the art is already available on this website. Some of the art is exclusive to the book, but you won't know until you get your hands on a copy. So go ahead. Find out.

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