January 2, 2023

Supporting My Family With Cancer

This isn't your usual sales post from me. Instead, it's just a post about my uncle, Denny Davis, who has recently been diagnosed with cancer.

Uncle Denny has five cats and a dog that are currently missing him. Our family and friends are caring for them and for the other house expenses that he has, but there is an ongoing campaign to raise funds for him. If you'd like to give, here are a few ways:

1. Contribute to the GoFundMe

2. Purchase A Sticker From Me

All proceeds, minus payment processing fees, will go to the direct care of his animals, or nonprofits dealing with animal care in Rochester, NY.

3. Purchase Other Swag From TeePublic

We receive less per item from TeePublic, but it's a good way to offer T-Shirts.

Purchase the dark shirt / light design here.

Purchase the light shirt / dark design here.

4. Join The Fundraising Event in January

If you're local to the Rochester, NY area (and some of you are!) - you can plan to join them in person to make donations, have good food, and listen to great music. More details below.

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