January 23, 2023

5 Ohio Stickers That Will Make You Smile

If you're from Ohio, you know that there's a lot of pride in being from the Buckeye State. And what better way to show your Ohio pride than with some fun Ohio stickers? If you live in Ohio, or have ever visited the state, you know that it's a pretty ... something ... place. And what better way to show your love for the Buckeye State than with some amazing Ohio-themed stickers?

Every vinyl sticker purchased from us supports an independent artist (that's me!). Our quality is about as good as you can get for a basement office, and the price is nothing to laugh at, either. So whether you're looking for a Cleveland sticker, Dayton sticker, Columbus sticker, or something in between - check out our designs! We're always adding more designs with fun details. Plus, we're based in Ohio, which makes us the perfect source of funny Ohio stickers.

Here are some of our favorites:

The "Ohio: Hell Is Real" sticker

The "Hell Is Real" billboard has become something of a phenomenon in the Buckeye state. Its slogan has captured the imagination of many who see it and can't help but smile at the ridiculousness on the highway.

This vinyl decal is perfect for your car bumper, so find the perfect size right here! Every vinyl decal sold on our website comes with free delivery. You can't beat that deal!

The "Ohio - definitely not a Buckeye" sticker

The "Ohio - home of the Buckeyes" sticker is the perfect way to show your spirit and love for the ---redacted--- State University. Whether you're literally a Buckeye or just a longtime fan of this inedible fruit, proudly display this sticker on any surface.

Featuring the school colors of scarlet and grey, this circular 3x2 sticker can be used to make any object an --redacted-- tribute. With its bold design, featuring a cartoon NOT A buckeye, it's sure to garner envy among fellow fans. Show your --redacted-- Buckeye pride and add a little flair of OSU (our sticker universe) spirit while driving around town.

Regardless of whether you’re traveling in Ohio or away, you’ll have an easy way to mention your --UNOFFICIAL-- collegiate affiliation and show everyone which team you cheer for.


In the meantime, check out our "Proud Ohioan - some conditions apply" design on TeePublic!

Link for dark background design

The "Ohio - where the corn grows" sticker

The "Ohio - where the corn grows" sticker has become a beloved symbol of pride for those who call the state home. The origins of this simple but effective phrase date back to 1895, when it was first printed on official wallets issued to state employees. Since then, it has taken on a life of its own and is seen in many forms throughout Ohio, from t-shirts and mugs to keychains and hats. Yeah, this paragraph is definitely not a lie, which is definitely not a trait of America. Just buy my vinyl sticker!

By wearing or displaying this iconic image, Ohioans proudly declare their connection to the Buckeye State and show appreciation for one of its main crops. Whether you're far away from home or just taking a joyride around scenic countryside roads, an "Ohio - Where the Corn Grows" sticker is the perfect way to stay connected to your Ohio roots.

The "Ohio Rainbow Love" sticker

"Ohio Rainbow Love" is a small sticker that carries an important message; love is love, regardless of race or gender. It has since become one of the most popular symbols in the state, representing unity despite opposition to our right to exist in peace. This movement has given people of all backgrounds the courage to stand together and make sure that every single person is respected and loved, no matter their differences.

To many Ohioans, this simple sticker serves as a source of pride for their heritage and identity, something that encourages them to strive for equality each and every day.

The "NO Ohio" sticker

The "NO Ohio" sticker has been gaining popularity in recent years, primarily due to its unique design that is instantly recognizable. Created by the Dayton-based artist Sam Davis (spoiler alert: THAT'S ME!), each sticker includes a simple red and white text design letting you know how we really feel.

Final thoughts

As you can see, we have a wide variety of funny Ohio stickers for all types of people. So pick up a vinyl decal and stop contemplating the state of your life. Whether you love Ohio or hate it, we have the perfect sticker for you. So what are you waiting for? Get your Ohio sticker today!

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