December 27, 2022

How to Support Independent Artists (like ME!)

Whether in the music industry or art industry, independent artists like me are driving innovation and adding our own splash to the world. I have my favorite indie artists, and I'm sure you do too.

If you're on social media platforms at all, chances are that you follow a favorite artist who is an indie artist: doesn't work full time in the industry, has a smaller social media following, etc. But their unique take on the world helps you connect in a new, deep way. Many people love to support their favorite artists, but aren't always sure how. I wanted to take a moment as we wrap up 2022 to talk about how you can show up for the artists in your life.

How to support artists across all categories of creativity

There are some things that you can do to show support for independent artists that are universal across all creative industries. These are exactly what you'd expect:

Buy our products and our swag

The best way to support an independent artist is to support them financially. This means buying a CD or T-shirt if they're in the music industry; or buying a print if they're in the art industry. Buying tickets to shows, showing them off to your friends - they're all great ways to show support.

Share our stuff on your social media content

I don't mean repost and retweet. I mean, share our art and our songs on your platforms. Make your own review videos, unboxing videos, and whatever else. Share us lesser known artists with your friends! Expand our fan base!

How to support artists in graphic design, photography, and illustration

If you know and love an independent artist, then you have a few other ways that you can show your love. First off - ask us. Leave a comment asking how you can support us. You might find that we're willing to do a pet portrait or a card for V-day for you.

Second, you can think of how to send business our way. Most artists like me do accept commissions, custom orders, and collaborations. So if you work in a place that has need for a designer or illustrator -- ask us if we're interested. If you do art yourself, ask to collaborate on a piece! New artists love the chance for more exposure, and more projects = more people (fans) = more money.

How to support artists in the music industry

The term "independent artists" is most closely associated with unsigned musicians in the music business. It is often easier to support new music through streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify. Follow the band and band members on those platforms to help attract new listeners. Request that songs be played on your local radio stations.

How to support artists in the dance and movement industry

For a movement artist, the easiest way to show up is to show up. Go watch that ballet recital or the new theater opening of their one-man play. Listen to new ideas and follow their career. Support their hard work with your money and your time.

How to support indie authors

Finally, authors count as artists too. Share their work. Subscribe to their newsletter, support their Patreon, and read their opinions as they make it into any publications.

Even fanfic authors love seeing people engage with their content. So become our friends, start a conversation, and stay engaged with our work. Most of us create because we want to be seen and heard. By listening and supporting, you are helping us achieve success.

Final thoughts

So with all of that said, I'd love if you could take a moment to support MY independent art. I rarely make more money that I spend creating art. I do it because I love it. So support my writing and art by buying a silly sticker, pin, or magnet, from my shop!

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