December 18, 2022

9 Reasons Why Bee Stickers Are the Best

Do you love stickers? Who doesn't, right? Well, if you're looking for the best stickers around, then bee stickers are the way to go! Whether you're looking for a gift for a friend, or just trying to outfit your latest notebook, we've got some really cute bee designs to adorn all of your favorite surfaces.

Here are 10 reasons why (our) bee stickers are the best!

Reason 1. Every bee sticker cute and fun!

Saving the bees is just downright adorable. These pollinators are almost made for cartoon-ization. Honey is cute, any individual bee is cute, and so is saving our crops. We LOVE making bee art so much that "BEE" is in our website (and business) name!

Reason 2. They're a great way to show your support for bees!

Many people believe that pollinator health is essential to protect the world. Bee colonies are at risk of dying off, so by purchasing and displaying our stickers you'll be doing your part to raise awareness and help save the bees. Bee pollination is the most well known way that flowers get pollinated!

Reason 3. They make great gifts!

It doesn't matter if your Aunt loves Trump or Biden. Chances are - she loves bees even more. Most conservatives and liberals agree that we need to protect the planet, and showing our love for bee colonies is one easy way to do it. So buy one of these honey bee decals for your family members. I promise it won't backfire!

Reason 4. They're perfect for kids and adults alike!

It's very hard to ruin honey, crops, and bees. We can't put dicks on them (like we can on a lot of other things). So rest assured, our bee decals are great for kids, teens, and adults alike. Check out the details below!

Reason 5. They're a great way to decorate your laptop, phone, or notebook!

We DO offer more than stickers, so if you're out of room, consider a pin, magnet, or print. They make great accessories for purses, lockers, water bottles, and refrigerators.

Reason 6. They help raise awareness about the importance of bees!

We need bees to pollinate our food. From California to New York, bees are essential for food production. Data show that bees are declining, so let's work together to share the importance of bees!

Reason 7. Bees support gay rights!

Data show that bees actually love the gays. It's a fact. So join the nation in supporting the gay bees everywhere! On a slightly more scientific note, remember: bees are almost all female, with simple worker bee males only existing to mate and die. What a world we live in. Wild.

Reason 8. Bees love nerds!

I never would have guessed that bees and nerds would have so much in common, but it turns out they share a lot of the same qualities! Both bees and nerds are hardworking, intelligent, and passionate about their interests. And just like bees are essential to the ecosystem, nerds play an important role in society too. So next time you see a nerd, give them a big thank you - they might just be the reason our world keeps buzzing along!

Reason 9. Every purchase supports independent art!

With the widely acknowledge Amazon-ification of the world, buying art from independent artists (like me!) helps them eat. Art is good. Buy more.

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