June 12, 2022

Lesbian Gifts for Every Occasion

Looking for the perfect lesbian gift for that special someone in your life? Look no further! In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best gifts for lesbians, regardless of the occasion. From birthday gifts to anniversary gifts, we have you covered. So read on to discover some amazing gift ideas that are sure to please any lesbian!

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Lesbian Wedding Gifts

Any wedding day is a special day, but if you love your friends, you'll want to find them the perfect gift. Check out our top picks for lesbian wedding gifts below!

Gifting what they need from their wish list

Your absolute first thing to do to get the best gift for your friends is to get the gift they need from their wish list. A wedding is a romantic day, but it's a practical day, too. Members of their community step up to gift them with what they need. So go the extra mile and buy that exact blender they want. They'll treasure it for years.

Personalized photos or artwork

If you have a little bit left over and you want to give a completely unique wedding gift, look no further than personalized photos, canvases, or other artwork. You can pick your favorite pic of your loved ones, and then put it on a cute or lovely backdrop. It's a perfect idea to honor their relationship, and personalized photo gifts have really come down in price.

Commissioned artwork makes a great gift, too

If you've got a bigger budget, commissioned artwork can be an excellent choice for a thoughtful gift. You'll need to know what artists your friends like, then reach out and see if they'll create something special for your lesbian friends.

PS - I do custom art on occasion, so if you like my style, let me know. I've got a soft spot in my heart for two brides.

Gifting what they need from their wish list

Just finishing off this section by reminder folks that it's always okay, cool, and even encouraged to just buy straight from the wedding gift list. They've already picked out the perfect gift, so just act on it. We still use several items that were gifted to us at our wedding, nearly ten years later. It always reminds me of the relationship we have with folks.

Lesbian Couple Gifts

Maybe your friends aren't ready to be brides yet, but they're still celebrating milestones in their relationships. Maybe they just really, really love their girlfriend and you want to celebrate that. Whatever the reason, there are plenty of ideas for gifts for your lesbian, gay, and other queer couples / friends.

Inside jokes

I'm not talking about Uhauls here, I'm talking about the best part of your relationship. Commemorating inside jokes is a GREAT gift idea, and your comrades in lesbian arms will absolutely love them. I can't tell you what your inside jokes are, so just be thoughtful and creative.

Inspirational activities

The best way to spend time with your friends is to do stuff together. You don't have to put together an expensive gift box for a lesbian couple. You can just buy some concert tickets, plan a picnic, or take another simple gift idea and turn it into a lovely afternoon. If you're closer to one partner than another, ask that person what their partner might like in a gift experience or hang time. They'll have some fun ideas.

Massage or other activities to reduce stress

It's such an adult gift, but let's be real: massage is a good choice for just about anyone. If you want to get a little more creative, look into other things that can help reduce stress. For example, yoga or dance classes are great ways to spend time together while also unwinding and enjoying each other's company.

Holiday Season Gifts For Lesbians

Whether you're in a small NYC apartment for Christmas, or out in the boonies and celebrating Hannukah, the holiday season can be a special time for all of us. While holidays can give us complex emotions, if you're in the habit of giving gifts to girlfriend and girlfriend, here are some cool ideas.

Lesbian themed Christmas gifts

It's never wrong to give out some lesbian-themed ugly sweaters to wear for your potluck near the Christmas tree. Sure, sometimes lesbian gift ideas can be dorky, but a gift is a time to step out and appreciate your friends. So find that fun gift for your lesbian couple that just shouts "I'm here, I'm queer, and it's CHRISTMAS!"

A great time with an Escape Room, axe throwing, or paint class

I come back to experiences again and again because research consistently shows that experiences - whether it's going to see a movie, painting together, or something else -- are a thoughtful way to build memories with your person, partner, or lesbian couple comrades. So scour Groupon for the best deals and make it a personal and fun friend date.

Stickers, pins, and patches

Can you even be a lesbian if you don't have pins, patches, and stickers? Etsy is full of cute ideas for Christmas and other seasons, and these are the lesbian gifts that keep on giving. Plus - that's what I sell! So take a look at my lesbian collection and see if anything fits the bill.

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