May 24, 2022

Love Raccoons? Me too! Raccoon Meaning and Symbolism

There's no doubt about it – raccoons are amazing animals. They're incredibly adaptable and can thrive in a variety of habitats. They're also very playful and intelligent, which is why I consider them to be very special creatures. In this blog post, we'll take a look at some fun facts about raccoons as well as some amazing photos. So if you're curious to learn more about these fascinating creatures, keep reading!

Raccoon Symbolism

The raccoon is a fascinating animal that has long been associated with human cultures. In Native American folklore, raccoon symbolism is often seen as a trickster-y, due to its cunning and mischievous nature. Many people would rate raccoons as trickster and cunning based on their ability to get into trash at the earliest possible hour. A quick trip to YouTube will reveal an army of raccoons learning how to find and eat cat food - even through a cat door!

In China, the raccoon is considered to be a symbol of good fortune, while in Europe it is often associated with wisdom and intelligence. Raccoons are weird genetically, and you may see them referred to as a "washing bear", "trash panda", or even (wrongly) as a racoon dog.

However, the most common symbolism associated with the raccoon is that of stealth and stealthiness. This is due to the animal's ability to move quietly and unnoticed, as well as its habit of washing its food before eating it. As a result, the raccoon can be seen as a symbol of both stealth and cleanliness.

A mischievous raccoon is a special sight. A raccoon crossing your path is special, too. A raccoon symbolizes your inherent cunning and curiosity. A raccoon helps you remember the magic and mystery of life. Oh, yeah - and to lock your trash cans.

What happens if I'm dreaming about raccoons?

Wow, a raccoon dream? You must be special! Ultimately, you'll be the one best set up to interpret your raccoon dream. What does a raccoon symbolize to you? Raccoon mythology varies, but to me, the leading character of my dream is often what I'm trying to bring into my life. So if you've got a friend in a dream that is a raccoon - seems like you're trying to bring some cleverness into your life.

A special note about your raccoon spirit animal sticker

What is a (raccoon) spirit animal?

A spirit animal is a term that was popular before the 1990s in neopagan circles. The term spirit animal was likely popularized the most by the book "Animal Speak" by Ted Andrews, which delved into things like raccoon symbolism. While the term generally represented a spiritual attachment to a particular "spirit animal", it drew heavily from Native American cultures. In other words, it was heavily problematic and appropriative.

Why is the term "spirit animal" problematic?

Most Native American tribes tolerated "spirit animals" because the neopagan community was small. However, with the rise of the internet, the phrase "spirit animal" became a way to make fun of Native Americans and Native American culture.

Although the concept is frequently portrayed light heartedly, the fact remains that it's a controversial and offensive concept for non-Native Americans to use.

Just in case you're curious, the other things that may be offensive and appropriative include:

  • Saying you have a spirit animal (raccoon)
  • Saying you have a raccoon totem animal. While a raccoon totem animal may feel different, it runs into the same issue. Instead of using "raccoon totem" - use something else.
  • Saying you're using raccoon medicine
  • Imitating many Native American dances if you're not Native American

In contrast, using the term "power animals" eliminates most of those issues. Also, making up your own dances or magic rituals to symbolize your relationship with raccoons, instead of leaning on harmful stereotypes.

Can I have a raccoon spirit animal?

If you're not indigenous, you should refer to your raccoon POWER animal, not your raccoon spirit animal, because raccoon "spirit animal" can be offensive to folks of indigenous backgrounds.

Can I have a raccoon power animal?

Yes. A power animal is a much less fraught concept than a "raccoon spirit animal" which can lead to confusion and anger. A power animal is a more universal concept.

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