September 27, 2021

What If Bigfoot Exists? The Truth About Bigfoot

Bigfoot is one of the most enduring legends out there. Everyone knows about bigfoot - but no one knows whether or not bigfoot exists. Is it all just one big practical joke? Or is there some truth to the mystery of bigfoot?

The evidence for bigfoot is lacking, but the culture around bigfoot is surprisingly diverse. People love to wonder if bigfoot exists - and they're willing to go on adventures to find one, too!

What counts as a bigfoot, anyway?

Whenever you delve into the literature surrounding bigfoot, you'll find that the creature goes by several different names. Bigfoot and variations on bigfoot are alternatively known as bigfoot, yeti, sasquatch, swamp apes, and more. It's safe to say that "Bigfoots" count as bigfoot, but some of the others may not count according to some bigfoot-believers. Definitely look at context clues to decide if the bigfoot evidence you're looking at isn't something else.

if bigfoot exists, he'd be happy to see how many people love him.

If Bigfoot exists, what's the evidence?

There is some visual evidence that does point to the idea of bigfoot's existence. There have been countless incidents filmed, photographed, and more. Some folks claim to have casts of large feet from the wilderness. Despite all of this visual evidence, though, physical evidence of bigfoot is very lacking.

To date, no true evidence of Bigfoot DNA has been found. Any DNA analyzed by scientists from supposed bigfoot sightings has come back as bear, or cat, or even human. Sometimes, DNA samples get contaminated from other sources. But does this mean bigfoot does not exist?

Is Bigfoot fake?

There are plenty of explanations for why we haven't found any physical evidence of Bigfoot. What if there's a good explanation for all the sightings and footage we do have, though? Especially when you consider that some things can be faked. If someone wanted to, they could fake video or audio of bigfoot easily. Almost anyone can watch a few YouTube videos, and spend a few hours creating a realistic enough video using After Effects or other video editing software.

Does it matter if Bigfoot exists?

I think the answer to this is a resounding "no." People like mysteries. They like seeing the footprints in the snow, they like reading about bigfoot. People like it because it's fun. We don't know whether or not Bigfoot exists, and that means we get to wonder, speculate, and have a little fun with our friends by saying something does exist.

Plus, Bigfoot is a huge tourist draw. Bigfoot is so popular in modern day culture that we have entire festivals devoted to the creature. These festivals have all the things you'd expect: art, and food, and crafts, and music, and even 5k races! Bigfoot brings people together.

What does the future hold for Bigfoot and other cryptids?

With the internet, we are increasingly able to document things in real time. Soon, our forests will be monitored for bigfoot like our streets are monitored for speeding. Maybe the footage we get from those things will finally put this mystery to rest.

In conclusion, does Bigfoot exist? There is a lot of visual evidence out there that does point to bigfoot's existence. However, physical evidence does not exist for bigfoot, and that means the mystery may never be solved. As a consolation prize, here are some of our favorite bigfoot stickers, pins, and magnets. Show off your love for bigfoot - even if you don't believe.

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