September 19, 2021

Most Dangerous Animals: Unveil The Truth

It's no secret that some animals are more dangerous than others. We hear about it all the time on the news, in nature documentaries, and even in children's books. The problem is that we're often not told what these "dangerous" animals are or why they pose such a threat to people. For example, there are many types of snakes around the world that you might not know about because they don't have enough venom to kill humans; but those same species can be deadly for other creatures like birds or squirrels.

an assassin bug is one of the world's most dangerous animals - this is a sticker of one

5. Assassin Bugs Are Surprisingly Dangerous Animals!

These bugs are nicknamed "kissing" bugs, but their bite will kill you. Assassin bugs are also known as kissing bugs because people used to think that they bite their prey on the lips or face. They will bite anywhere. They're not poisonous, but many carry a dangerous disease known as Chagas disease. Chagas disease can harm or seriously kill humans and even dogs. One source estimates that 12,000 people die each year because of these bugs.

snails are among the world's most dangerous animals - this snail sticker says "I'll slime you"

4. Snails. Yes, snails.

Yep - those cute little snails that you see around? Some of their relatives are killers. Freshwater snails carry a parasitic disease called schistosomiasis, which infects millions of people across Asia, Africa, and South America. This disease can cause chronic problems and even death for those infected. The worst part: you don't even have to touch the snails! Their parasites live in water, so even wading in infected waters can cause a problem.

dogs are among the world's most dangerous animals - this is a chihuahua sticker with the text, "I'll bite you"

Fido? Try Killer. Dogs Are #3 On The Most Dangerous Animals List.

Dogs are cute, but they are deadly. Accidental and intentional dog attacks occur across the world, most often inflicted on the elderly and children. Although dog populations are somewhat well controlled in some parts of the world (like the Northeastern United States), other parts have a huge stray dog problem. Cities are full of stray dogs who survive on trash. These dogs can acquire diseases like distemper and rabies, the latter of which can be passed directly to humans. Dogs are responsible for 35,000 deaths per year across the world.

snakes are among the world's most dangerous animals - this is a sticker of a snake that says "i'll choke you"

2. Snakes

Snakes are probably the most obvious creature on this list. Venomous snakes will often attack humans who startle them. One bite from a venomous snake can lead to kidney or liver failure, paralysis and even death. But they're not just dangerous out in the wild; snakes that live on farms or near homes are also at risk of being poisonous. Copperheads are known for sunning themselves in places where humans live, and getting salty about it when they're disturbed.

mosquitoes top the world's most dangerous animals. This is a mosquito sticker on a water bottle that says "I'll stab you"

The World's Most Dangerous Animal? Mosquitoes

Maybe you guessed it already, but our #1 killer is smaller than my thumbnail. Mosquitoes are vectors for many diseases, including malaria and West Nile. These mosquitoes usually bite at night, so people often don't notice they've been bitten until it's too late. Mosquitoes are also carriers for other diseases like Zika virus and dengue fever. Mosquitoes are responsible for 750,000 human deaths per year.

So, the most dangerous animals in the world aren't what you think they are. These creatures seem harmless at first glance-- but don't be fooled! They can have deadly consequences for humans and other animals if left unchecked.

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