August 30, 2021

Learn About The Lesbian Flag: The Ultimate History

The lesbian flag is one of the most interesting pride flags around. The colors in the flag represent different things, and are designed to help lesbians identify themselves with others who share their experience. In this blog post, we will discuss the history of this flag: what it means, where it came from, and why it's so important that you fly your own pride flag at every opportunity!

History of the Lesbian Pride Flag Colors

The colors on the flag are significant because they represent different aspects of our identity. The orange and pink colors are warm to represent varying shades of femininity, gender identity, and community.

A llama with a lesbian flag sticker on a phone
This llama is for lesbian rights!

What Do The Flag Colors Mean?

In 2019, twitter user Emily Gwen posted that the colors, ranging from orange to purple, stood for:

  • Gender non-conformity
  • Independence
  • Community
  • Unique relationships to womanhood
  • Serenity and peace
  • Love and sex
  • Femininity

This view has been adopted by many in the lesbian community as a way to understand the lesbian flag's meaning. The design has been used as an international symbol for lesbian visibility ever since then, although not without some controversy along the way! For many lesbians, this flag is what finally makes them feel seen and heard! As such, you should fly your own lesbian pride flag at every possible opportunity to show solidarity with others who share your experience.

What lesbian flag should I use?

Of course, there is more than one lesbian pride flag. This modern flag from orange to purple is the most common flag. But, there are many other lesbian pride flags to choose from. You should choose the flag that you feel most comfortable with. After all, the design is just a flag. It's what you do with it that really counts!

Is this pride flag inclusive of transgender people?

Some argue that the transgender community is left out of this flag. They think this because it doesn't explicitly represent other gender identities. Others argue, though, that it's not about what you identify as. Rather, it's how others see you and whether they are accepting. The flag itself is not inherently transphobic, but to be safe, if you're flying a lesbian design, consider showing other symbols to represent solidarity with gender nonconforming and transgender people.

Where can I buy a lesbian pride flag?

You can buy a flag on Amazon, Etsy, or from many other retailers. If you don't want to pay for it upfront, there are free printable versions available online that you could use instead! We've included a selection of our own favorite lesbian designs below for you to choose from.

No matter how you identify, the lesbian color scheme is one of the prettiest out there - so let it fly high!

lesbian flag history

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