July 2, 2021

The Best Sapphic Pride Gifts For Lesbians

Sapphic pride gifts are sort of niche - hard to find one you like, and hard to find one for your friends. That's why we've collected the best lesbian flag gifts right here, for you. The mixed flag in shades of pink makes a lovely present for all of the queer folks in your life.

a colorful watercolor frog on a sapphic pride lily pad

Frog On A Lesbian Flag Lilypad

This watercolor frog is ready to welcome you and all your sapphic desires!

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Lesbian Pride Turtle T-Shirt

A Lesbian Pride Turtle

Sticking with our reptile/amphibian theme, you'll love this turtle decked out in the lesbian pride flag's colors.

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a cute llama holds a lesbian pride flag on a decal

A Llama With A Lesbian Flag

Our tour of cute critters continues with this very enthusiastic, very gay llama. Enjoy this lesbian pride flag exclusive on stickers, pins, and magnets.

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lobsters for lesbians design on a backpack

Absurd: Lobsters For Lesbians?

This one is unique. Lobsters aren't the most cuddly of creatures, but they too, love their fellow lesbians.

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pronouns are not political pinback button for nonbinary pride

Pronouns Are Not Political

We stan our they/them and he/him lesbians as much as our she/her babes. Pronouns are not political <3

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No matter which design you choose, you're bound to find the perfect gift for the lesbians in your life - or some new swag for yourself! Let us know: do you like these designs? Do you have another that you chose instead?

If the lesbian gifts aren't quite what you need, don't worry. Need transgender or nonbinary flag gifts, instead? You can browse all of our merchandise collections from the homepage!

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