June 23, 2021

The Best Transgender Flag Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Ready to get your transgender pride on? These transgender flag gifts rate highly for their design and quality. They're perfect for the trans folks in your life! Looking for nonbinary flag merchandise or lesbian gifts instead?

T-Rex For Transgender Rights

What's cuter than a tyrannosaurus rex with a transgender flag? Literally nothing.

Shop "T-Rex For Trans Rights" Decals On Etsy Find "T-Rex For Trans Rights" Magnets On Etsy Shop "T-Rex For Trans Rights" Buttons On Etsy

Give Us Our Roses While We're Still Here

The Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDoR) is every year on November 20th, and it seeks to honors those lost to violence. This decal touches on that with the related phrase, "Give us our roses while we're still here." Only found on Etsy.

Shop "Give Us Our Roses" On Etsy
pronouns are not political pinback button for nonbinary pride

Pronouns Are Not Political

This anti-political statement features the gentle pastel and blue of the transgender pride flag.

Shop "Pronouns Are Not Political" Decals On Etsy Find "Pronouns Are Not Political" Pins On Etsy Shop "Pronouns Are Not Political" Magnets On Etsy

All Cats Are Beautiful: Transgender Flag Edition

This one is subtle, we admit. So subtle that, if you're not progressive, or not transgender, you might miss the signals. But, you know -- in 1312 years, you might catch up. It's a limited edition decal, so grab yours before it goes away!

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Let This Gender Burn

Ok, so, it's not like.. directly related to the transgender pride flag. But, any trans person can tell you that sometimes we just want to light gender on fire and walk away. Enjoy this design and support small business on Etsy!

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